The misery of Essikado-Ketan and the era of hope -Abraham Dadzie Writes



Essikado-Ketan, a constituency established in 2004 within Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis, has witnessed nearly two decades of minimal development and increasing social issues under the leadership of NPP’s Hon. Joe Ghartey. The 2004 Parliamentary election, marred by falsehoods about Ghartey’s origin, set the trajectory for a tenure devoid of meaningful progress.

Falsehoods and Lack of Development:
Ghartey’s victory in 2004 was marked by misinformation about his roots, as he was not a native of Essikado-Ketan. Despite his nearly two-decade reign, the constituency has seen no significant socio-economic development. Roads, schools, hospitals, and community centers remain absent, contributing to an increase in social vices such as drug addiction, alcoholism, and dropout rates. Unemployment has become a norm during Ghartey’s tenure, further exacerbating the constituents’ struggles.

*Revelations in 2020 Elections:
The turning point came during the 2020 Parliamentary election when Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah, the NDC candidate, nearly defeated Ghartey. The constituents became aware of Ghartey’s true origin and realized the lack of development under his leadership. Ghartey’s declining popularity forced him to resort to questionable tactics to influence the electoral process.

Shameful Replacement:
In the aftermath of Ghartey’s resignation during the recent NPP parliamentary primaries, the party brought in Charles Bissue, a man with a tarnished reputation for corruption. Bissue, caught on camera receiving bribes, is under investigation by the OSP. The constituents express disappointment in the NPP executives for such a choice, reflecting a lack of respect and accountability.


Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah’s Background:
Since 2012, Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah, a true native of Essikado-Ketan, has emerged as a beacon of hope. Hailing from the Royal family of Abagyina Abusua and being a cousin to the paramount chief, Nana Kobina Nketsia, Dr. Grace’s credentials include being a Professor of Surgery at the University of Utah in the USA. Her extensive medical and surgical training, including a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, positions her as a capable leader.

*Humanitarian Efforts and NGO Initiatives:*
Dr. Grace, through her NGO, Healing Hands Organization, has been instrumental in providing medical and surgical care to the needy. Over 5000 people have received free eye surgical treatments, and health screenings, with medication, have reached over 7000 constituents. She has also established, renovated, and provided medical logistics to various health facilities, including Kansawrodo, Bakado, and Ahanta Abaasa Chip compounds.

*Infrastructure and Community Development:*
Dr. Grace’s impact extends to infrastructure development, where she has provided and extended electricity to Ahanta Abaasa and other areas. Additionally, she secured a GHS 500,000 borehole for Ntankorful Saviour Church and European Town and provided cover for nearly 10 boreholes across the constituency. Excavators were supplied to grade various new sites within the constituency, fostering growth and development.

*Youth Empowerment and Skills Training:*
Dr. Grace has actively engaged in youth empowerment, providing skills training for over 100 individuals in the constituency. Her commitment to human capital development is evident, aiming to equip the younger generation with the skills necessary for a brighter future.

*Grace Mall and Economic Impact:*
A testament to Dr. Grace’s commitment to economic development is the construction of Grace Mall, a three-story building at Essikado Hospital Junction. This mall is poised to provide employment opportunities for the youth, showcasing Dr. Grace’s dedication to addressing unemployment concerns within the constituency.

Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah represents a new era of hope for Essikado-Ketan. Her genuine concern, empathy, and philanthropy have transcended political boundaries, bringing about positive change and development. As the constituents rally behind her, the aspiration to make Prof. Dr. Grace Ayensu Danquah the MP for Essikado-Ketan is driven by the belief that she embodies the transformative leadership needed to uplift the constituency from its current state of misery.

By: Abraham Dadzie
Member of NDC Reg.Communication Team

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