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The presidential staffer responsible for collapsed NABCO must be laid off now- NDC NAT ANDOH



The Nation Builders Corps ( NABCo ) introduced by the government to temporary address graduate unemployment, officially ended Thursday, September 1 , 2022.

Though the government invested approximately 2.2 billion Ghana cedis into the policy, a number of corps complained about non-payments of allowances by the government. Today government owe the corps 11 solid months of the 700 cedis allowance.

The only hope for this collapsed NABCo trainees from the government is to go for loan to establish their own businesses from non existing You start program government claiming to be executed.

The most painful aspect in this sour development is that the presidential staffer responsible for the collapsed NABCo program is still at post and also the regional and district coordinators are still at post drawing from state purse for no work done despite the program closed down for the past 5 months. This is the government who promised us to protect the public purse. This is the government who want us to sacrifice because we need IMF facility as a result of their incompetent, reckless borrowing for consumption and their corrupt nepotism government. This is a government who is expropriating pensioners all in the name of we are in difficult times so everyone must sacrifice.

There is a lot of millions we are going to save if this NPP party cronies who are at post for the collapsed NABCo program are sacked.

Government must show leadership.

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