There’s no discipline in NPP — Dr. Afriyie Akoto



A flagbearer aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto has warned that the party leadership is trending on a dangerous path ahead of the 2024 general elections.


He has decried the lack of discipline in the party over the past years adding that everyone in the party is seen doing whatever pleases them.

According to him, the level of indiscipline in the party cost it many seats and votes, as well as its preferred Speaker of Parliament.

He said “There’s no discipline in the party. What is going on is a classic example, where high party officials are campaigning for one candidate against the instructions and regulations of the party, and they know that nobody will say anything to them. Any institution cannot live without discipline.”

Dr. Akoto stated that the NPP will find it difficult to win the 2024 parliamentary and presidential elections if the discpline is not maintained.

He said the NPP has a lot of work to do win convince Ghanaians to vote for the party in 2024.


He indicated that the grassroots members complained about not benefiting from the government they voted for.

“I had an even closer view of the party situation in 2020 when for the ten months that the president was campaigning I was wig him all the time. That gave me an even closer view of what is happening at the party. What I saw did not impress me.

“You could see that our soldiers, that is the pollen station executives, their supervisors and constituency executives, everywhere you went, they were complaining; ‘we haven’t gotten anything, we are hungry,” the former Agriculture minister stated.

Dr. Akoto launched his presidential campaign to run on the ticket of the NPP in the 2024 general election.

He touched on how his government will revive Ghana’s ailing economy.

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