Japhet Festus Gbede Launches Wuxor, Have, And Sremanu Farmers Association To Improve Commercial Farming




In an attempt to address the financial and business obstacles in farming in the Wuxor, Have, Sremanu Electoral Area, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede have launched Farmers Association to boost commercial farming in the Electoral Area hence Akatsi South Constituency.

The new group, known as Wuxor, Have, Sremanu Farmers Association seeks to conduct various business activities, such as market research for the electorates, determining prices for their farm produce, marketing, and others for farmers in the deprived Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu Electoral Area.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony at Have Fiakpokorpe, the founder of the Association, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede stated that the reason for the establishment of the association was to bring farmers together to improve on their levels of production and to advance socio-economic well being of the members.

It is also expected to help in post-harvest management and marketing of agricultural produce, with the sole aim of making farming lucrative and improving the socio-economic well-being of its members, he stated.

Japhet reassured the farmers who had angrily complained about how the buyers of their farm products were defrauding them every day that the association would put an end to cheating in the Area.

A patron to the Association, Pastor Mawuvi Tsiada Adabla also said that the launch of the Association was timely as the Area is producing garden eggs in large quantities.

The youth leader of the Area, Mr. Foster Wordi stated that the idea by the farmers is a very good and has the potential to effectively promote and develop more commercial farms in the Area.

The Association elected the following individuals to man the affairs of the farming activities in the Area.


Kataka Buvi – Chairman.
Timothy Apeve – Vice Chairman

Micheal Dzebu
Jerry Adabla


Sampson Agbedor
Senyo Korba


Xine Felicia
Simon Megbe

Dogboe Makpoe
Gershon Dunyo


Pastor Tsiada Mawuvi Adabla
Alex Agbedor
Vifa Kwadzo
David Gakpo

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