TOAG Supports Mahama’s Game Changer 24 Hours Economy Proposal



Transport Operators Association Of Ghana(TOAG) are in fully support of John Dramani Mahama’s game changer 24 hours economy proposal.

In a Press release copied to brosdcastergh.com yesterday,it was indicated that,as drivers association, the establishment of a 24-hour economy initiative signifies more than an adjustment in operational hours; it’s a paradigm shift that challenges the status quo.

They said,this transformation will be the catalyst for heightened productivity, fostering a more responsive, and accessible government.

“The 24 hour economy will encourage our workforce unleash a realm of accessibility previously confined by the constraints of time.

We the Transport Operators are solidly in support of this this proposal, we will get access to the fueling station at any time without fear of closure.

The 24-hour economy will dismantle the barriers of time and usher us into an era of unprecedented convenience for we the drivers, our passengers and the country in a whole.

The 24 hour economy will serve as a catalyst for progress and opening avenues for increment in economic activities and improved public services.

With a 24 hours economy, Government will transition into a state of perpetual operation hence we can work with DVLA and others related agencies anytime.

We by this statement mentioning that, all other transport unions are fully in support of the 24 hours economy proposal. “It concluded.


Nana Owiredu, Deputy National secretary Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana
+233 54 037 7307

PRO True Drivers Union Yaw Barima

David Agboado National PRO Concerned Drivers Association
National Chairman Paa Willie Concerned Drivers Association Of Ghana
(024) 297-1025

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