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Transformation 108 Foundation observes  5 years anniversary, calls for attitudinal change



Transformation 108 foundation has observed it’s 5th anniversary globally in the Ashanti regional capital ,Kumasi, on the theme: Positive Transformation, A milestone of Transformation through the Love of Humanity for the and, calls for attitudinal change amongst the citizenry to make the society a better place to live irrespective of one’s orientation or religious and geographical background
Mr. Nathaniel Nti Aidoo, the Ashanti Regional Chairman explained that the aim and objective of the foundation is to transform members themselves to enable them transform others.
According to him, before one could transform another person to live a righteous life through an attitudinal change, there is the need to examine yourself and transform yourself before changing others.
Indicated that, the members all over the world globally has being taken through transformational and educative programmes both physical and spirituality towards achieving the transformational goal for a better society.
He disclosed that, the foundation also undertakes a number of programmes in helping and assisting members especially in job creation like sachets water factory to reduce unemployment, financial support to create their own jobs for their daily bread and provision of social amenities like boreholes and always donates to orphanage, children homes and prisons towards improving the living standards of the people in all the regions across Ghana.
He was also of the view that,no matter little you have, you are somebody problem solver, and for that matter, encouraged the general public to cultivate the attitudes righteousness by helping one another in our own small ways.
Jnana Caksus Das the founder of the organization stated that, there is the need for human beings to life a righteous life style devoid of disrespect to the law or rules and regulations of the society we are living.
According to him, if we are to change our attitudes and advocate a righteous life living, it’s would not be difficult in respecting laws, rules and regulations of our country.
He disclosed that, the foundation is Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Non denominational or religious which everyone can join through their social media platforms Watsap, Facebook or YouTube handles, as the foundation goes globally as they determine to transform the society to enhance comfort and peace within humanity.

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