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Transport fares must come down without excuse – COPEC



The Executive Secretary of Chamber Of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), Duncan Amoah has entreated commercial transport operators to show a sign of good faith by reducing transport fares following recent reduction in fuel prices.

Mr. Amoah said fuel prices are likely to reduce to GH¢15.00, when the first window opens on December 16, 2022.

He said a sign of good faith by owners of commercial transport will go a long way to relieve Ghanaians of the hardships they are currently enduring.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr. Amoah indicated that, “we would use your medium equally to join the millions of Ghanaians who are clearly waiting for our commercial transport operators to show a sign of good faith with them in these times.
The last time commercial transport fares were adjusted, you were looking at fuel prices hovering around GH¢13.00. Then they did the 19% [hike in transport fares], then we jumped to GH¢16.00, diesel went up to about GH¢23.00, and then they [transport operators] came back to add another 20%, which escalated transport fares completely”.

The Executive Secretary of COPEC said Ghanaians will be utterly disappointed if the commercial transport operators refuse to reduce transport fares.

“At this point, diesel is not doing too badly, there has been some GH¢5 reduction, if you add what we are expecting on Friday, it will come to about GH¢15. From GH¢23 to GH¢15, GH¢8 is such a jump. We will be utterly disappointed if any of the commercial transport operators from Friday continue to make excuses that they have made losses in recent times that, so they are not going to reduce transport fares,” Mr. Amoah pointed out on Eyewitness News.

He assured that COPEC will engage transport owners on the need to drop the high transport fares.

COPEC Executive Secretary said, “this will not be just a radio conversation, we will take steps equally to approach them to explain to them the need to drop the very high transport fares that Ghanaians are currently being charged.

“Because if your fuel has done almost 30% to 40% drop, in the line of good faith and proper public interest arguments for any of the transport operators including the VVIP to reduce transport fares forthwith. It will be our expectation that the kind of reliefs cedi is throwing to the economy currently, the kind of international benchmarks are throwing at fuel consumers. The commercial ‘trotro’ operators will not go to sleep on this and make excuses, because there will be no justification for them to continue to charge high prices”.

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