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Bryan Acheampong’s comments is generally not right and must be condemned – Kofi Bentil



Senior Vice President of IMANI Africa Kofi Bentil says well-thinking members of society must condemn the comments made by Abetifi MP, Bryan Achemapong.

According to the private legal practitioner, it was completely wrong for a person of such calibre to use a national platform to use inciting words that had the tendency to disrupt the country’s peace.

“We need to condemn what Bryan said, not because we don’t understand all the details and cannot analyse it and say it is good or analyse it and say it is bad. It is generally not right,” Mr Bentil said on JoyNews’ Newsfile, Saturday.

In addition, Mr Bentil emphasised that there were individuals who wanted to cause havoc in the country.

Therefore, he established that comments made by leaders such Mr Acheampong that incited violence, could either moderate or give motivation to such persons to carry out their motives.

He alluded to the Capitol attack in the US on January 6, 2021, to emphasise his point and implored leaders to be mindful of their utterances.

Mr Bentil’s assertions come on the back of some statements that were made by the Abetifi MP.

On Saturday, April 8, while addressing some party faithful, Mr Acheampong stated that the current governing party (NPP), will never hand over power to the NDC in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Amidst that, the Abetifi MP stated that should the NDC resort to brute force in the elections, they, the NPP had ‘the men,’ that could face them.

But these assertions have garnered criticisms from both civil society organisations and the NDC, with the NDC calling for the arrest and prosecution of Mr Acheampong.

However, speaking on the same show, the Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Dr Antoinette Tsiboe-Darko, justified the comments made by the Abetifi MP.

Dr Tsiboe-Darko disclosed that she endorsed her colleague’s comments and found nothing wrong with them.

According to her, Mr Acheampong made the comment with the intention to psyche up the party faithful and assure them that with the NPP rejuvenating the economy, they had the potential to win the 2024 elections.

“Bryan Acheampong speaks with a lot of spirit and enthusiasm and if you see the crowd and the enthusiasm that was there, he spoke and I support what he said.

“We needed to get the masses to understand that we will not give up. We would put and we will do whatever we can do…to protect our people and ensure that we win the 2024 elections,” Dr Tsiboe-Darko stressed.

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