Vodafone Ghana Foundation  partners Ghana Library Authority to promote Digital literacy in Ashanti region



In partnership with Ghana Library Authority(GhLA), the Vodafone Ghana Foundation has commissioned a state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology center at the Ashanti library in the Kumasi Metropolis, Ashanti region.


As part of the company’s  corporate social responsibility((CSR), Vodafone Ghana Foundation at the handing over ceremony of an ICT hub on the 15th June, 2023. at the Kumasi Center for National Culture, Vodafone Ghana  showed the  commitment  to raising the standard of Digital literacy across the length and breadth of the country, and Kumasi the Ashanti regional capital has also benefitted from the profound initiative. The Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, Patricia Obo-Nai, underscored the progress made by Vodafone Ghana in enhancing  internet learning experience.


” We have decided to bring together the devices, connect the internet to the devices so that people can have access to the internet, have access to the content as they go unto the internet for free to access educational content.”


” For Vodafone, we believe in education, we believe in digitization so coming into partnership with the Ghana Library Authority is not a problem  for us. We have done this in nine regions and we intend to continue with the Ghana Library Authority. Once there is a center that has everything and E-books are available to you, our children and teacher must not miss this opportunity of experiencing and exploring what is available,” She stated.



The Ghana library Authority(GhLA) in fulfilling its 2023 vision as the the “Year of Digital Reading” through Mr. Hayford Siaw, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), expressed that  conditions in the library spaces have seen massive improvement and renovations in various libraries across the country.

“We have increased the number of books on the shelves of public libraries from around 349.000 books to over 1.4m books on the shelves of public libraries. We have also managed to be able to partner with Vodafone  Ghana to be able to equip our libraries spaces with computers, internet, and printers so the users who come to the library will not only have access to books but digital library.”


He further explained that digital literacy is not only about typing on the computer but being able to use the computer to create things like Robotics programming, coding, and Apps development. ” We are therefore estimating to have an increase in patronage from less than 400.000 in 2017 to 1.7m  with the plethora of opportunities at our libraries now.”


On maintenance, he said that the laws establishing Ghana Library Authority requires that you establish, equip and maintain so maintenance plays a critical role in the job that they do.


Participants from various schools and teachers also applauded Vodafone Ghana Foundation and the Ghana library Authority for the opportunity created for them to improve upon their knowledge in ICT. And also promised  to make good use of the opportunity available.

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