We have a formidable force to win power in 2024 -Chairman Nana Akwasi



The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Chairman Nana Akwasi has made it clear that ,the party has a formidable force to win power from the wicked NPP government in election 2024

According to him ,the party at the the regional level is united and share ideas together which has strengthened the front of the party after the regional delegates conference,held last year.

Speaking to The Punch Newspaper yesterday to mark his first year in office as the Ashanti Regional Chairman which marks his second term as the party chairman,he noted that the organization of the party in opposition isn’t an easy thing but with the united front and with respect and humility,the party is doing it possible best to ensure victory in election 2024.

‘It wasn’t easy after the elections because we all had our difference,camps , among others but I can assure you that we now work together as a team and then punish offenders together.’He further indicated.

“As a united front,we have been able to work on about 45 out of the 47 Constituencies we have in the region,all have gotten their Parliamentary Candidates and we are working on the two left which I believe would come to a conclusion before the year ends .This was achieved with our united front.”

The two affected constituencies he said with issues are Adansi Asokwa and Manhyia south Constituencies.

Chairman Nana Akwasi hinted,NDC as a political party is now attractive upon touring the entire constituencies four times within a year with executives in the Region.

“We have executives at every constituency who are in charge of polling stations ,this means the mandate and welfare of grassroot members is so dear to us as leaders in the region.This will help us get more information, know their problems so that amicable solutions could be provided.”He maintained.

Chairman Nana Akwasi deduced,the region has embarked  on series of programs to strengthen the party.Programmes he mentioned were capacity building workshops for women’s wing, communicators, both at the Constituencies and region.

“Various constituencies without permanent offices are now working harder to have theirs because of the quality leadership style we have exhibited within this one year period.

Our office is open to all for opinions, complains so that issues and challenges could be resolved.”He added.

He made it known that members without ID cards was his major challenge but assured that leaderships have taken swift measures to address the challenge.

He however appealed to them to wait patiently us authorities are working around the clock to get it done on time….



Chairman Nana Akwasi took the advantage and appealed to businessmen , stakeholders and party members to donate to the NDC so that their activities could be carried without any hindrance and on time but indicated that donations must be sent to right channel.

He promised that, NDC will provide support legally to donors when it wins power .

He then thanked branch, constituency executives and everyone for their dedication and support in their first year administration of office.

He prayed that if NDC wins ,Asanteman will have their fair share in the distribution of the national cake.

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