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We have suffered in vain but Prepare to meet us in Court- CONAT to Government




Ecclesiastes 3:1, “ For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven”.

This is the season, Nabco Trainees have finally come to the realization that, “The Remain at Post Notice until Permanent arrangements” which was issued by the government after the contract expired in October 2021, was just a cocktail deceit, a malice to cover up the shame, and public ridicule of the government for failure to honor the 2020 election campaign promise to assimilate Nabco Trainees into the permanent mainstream works.

This is our simple message to Nabco secretariat and government:

*To Nabco Secretariat*: You have succeeded as a machinery for NPP government to accomplish political agenda with your “remember me” slogan and fake “trust the process on permanent jobs”. Put it in mind that you have only groomed fine skills and talents but fruitlessly dumped them into an Economy of no-jobs, protocol-driven jobs.

*To NPP Government*: You promised us diamonds but delivered graphite. Where are the permanent jobs? The cooked figure that 47,000 Trainees claim to have gotten permanent jobs is just mischief and propaganda. CONAT challenges government to publish details of the Nabco Trainees purported to be in such category as we are prepared to follow up and conduct our own scrutiny. Nabco Trainees have no confidence in the mere promise of YouStart initiative, “Once bitten twice shy”. The posterity of this daylight deceit will only speak for Nabco Trainees come December 2024.

*Processes underway to drag Nabco secretariat and the office of the Vice President to Court if the 10months unpaid stipends not settled by the end of September, 2022*

We are very disappointed in the insensitive and fractured notice served to trainees by the Nabco secretariat to finally exit the program without specifying any timelines for which the 10months arrears owed them would be paid.

Again, we do accept the modality stated in the exit notice which the Nabco secretariat intends to do the payment validation without a full blend of Trainees in the whole validation process. The secretariat can attest to the fact that, the validation process which even involved the trainees in their active days on the scheme had discrepancies, segregation and omissions which always called for resolutions between Trainees, their coordinators and the MIPS, hence, now that they are completely sidelined from the whole process, the Coalition suspects potential foul play and dishonesty on the part of Nabco secretariat to pay individual Trainees commensurate to the number of months they have worked for.

This is a big shame to Nabco Secretariat and the government. We can not sue government over the flip-flopped campaign promises but we are ready to pursue the matter to court if our 10months entitlement is not paid before the end of September. We have worked for it, it is our right and we deserved to be paid.


Nana Barimah (Patron, CONAT) 0550300049

Frank Quansah ( General Secretary) +233 24 178 0627

Nana Takyi (Public Relations Officer) +233 54 657 2070

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