We’ll cancel the payment of freebies in Ghana-Action Peoples Party



Kenneth Nana Kwame Asamoah, the founder and leader of the Action People’s Party (APP), has declared that any future government led by the APP will discontinue the payment of freebies in Ghana.

Expressing concern about a country that borrows to balance its budget, Mr Asamoah emphasised the inconsistency of providing freebies, such as teacher trainee and nursing trainee allowances, while relying on borrowed funds.

Mr Asamoah criticised the fixation on the payment of freebies, stating that such allowances would be prohibited in any future APP-led government. He announced the party’s support for any political entity that shares their stance against the provision of freebies, aiming to create an environment where Ghanaians do not have to wait for handouts.

The leader and founder of the APP shared this notice during an interview with the host of the Ghana Yensom morning show on Accra 100.5 FM, Odehyeeba Kofi Essuman, on Tuesday, December 19, 2023.

Mr Asamoah clarified that he is the leader and founder of the APP but is unwilling to stand as the party’s flagbearer.

He indicated that the party is actively searching for a flagbearer under the age of 55 and members aspiring to be Parliamentary candidates under the age of 50, aiming to harness the youth’s wealth for sustainable development, as the older generation seems to have fallen short in serving Ghanaians.

He stressed three policies the next APP government intends to use to transform Ghana – education, agriculture and transportation.

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