We’re interested in results, not essay writing – Group reacts to OSP’s half-year report


group calling itself Crusaders Against Corruption Ghana (CACG) has charged officials of the Office of the Special Prosecutor to be proactive in the discharge of their duties.

According to the group, citizens are interested in the results of the cases being investigated by the OSP, not essay writing.

The OSP released its half-yearly report on June 30, indicating that about 150 cases are being probed, with three major cases completed.

In response, Emmanuel Wilson Jnr, the Chief Crusader of CACG, said, “The Office of the Special Prosecutor should be proactive, not reactive, in executing its mandate. It must be noted that the taxpayer is interested in results, not essay writing.”

In a statement issued on July 5, CACG indicated that the OSP failed to state how it has reduced corruption in the past periods.

“Reference to Section III of the OSP’s report, CACG observes that the report falls short of communicating clearly and specifically the tangible results of how the OSP’s office has reduced corruption in these past periods.

It is important to note that the evaluation and potential areas for improvement can only be ascertained by considering the specific circumstances and challenges faced by the Office of the Special Prosecutor in Ghana. These are absent from the report; however, it is clear that the OPS still has a long way to go in making an impact in the corruption fight in Ghana,” CACG observed.

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