We’re not happy with Supreme Court’s decision on Quayson, but we accept it – Amaliba



Abraham Amaliba, the Director of Legal Affairs of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has expressed dissatisfaction over the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold James Gyakye Quayson’s name from the records of Parliament.

A nine-member panel of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, July 25, unanimously dismissed a review application filed by James Gyakye Quayson, Member of Parliament for Assin North, seeking to overturn the decision of the apex court to expunge his name from the records of Parliament.

The Apex Court ordered Parliament to expunge his name from the records of Parliament after delivering a judgment nullifying all processes leading to his election and swearing-in.

Quayson’s lawyers filed the review application and a substituted statement of the case on June 29 and July 5, respectively, on the grounds that the decision of the court was against a previous binding decision of the court and made up of fundamental and basic errors.

When asked during an interview on Eyewitness News if they were not happy but had to accept the decision of the Supreme Court, Amaliba said, “That is so.”

He explained that the legal team for James Gyakye Quayson wanted to exhaust all avenues to ensure that the Apex Court’s ruling was overturned, hence their decision to file the review application.

“The Supreme Court indicated to us that our grounds were not sufficient enough for them to overturn their own ruling. We believed that the Supreme Court erred, which is why we went to court, and we needed to exhaust the entire process. Now that we have come to the end of the road, we will now be satisfied that we have explored all avenues,” he explained.

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