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Western Regional Deputy Youth Organizer Spreads Holy Cheer To Elderly Women In His Community

 On the first day of the new year,1st January 2023, the Western Regional Deputy NDC Youth Organizer,  Samuel Amoah, embarked on a mission to bring joy to the elderly women in his community. He visited the homes of every woman over the age of 60 in the Anwia community of the Ellembele constituency, his father’s native land, to present them with more than 60 pieces of fabric as a kind and generous end-of-year gift.
But the Deputy NDC Youth Organizer’s generosity didn’t stop there. He also plans to extend this charitable act to the women of Nawule in the Jomoro constituency, where his mother hails from.
It is truly heartening to witness someone using their position and resources to give back to those in need within their community. The Deputy NDC Youth Organizer’s actions serve as a beautiful reminder of the value of caring for our elderly and expressing gratitude for all that they have contributed to our society.
“We can all be inspired by the selfless act of kindness displayed by the Western Regional Deputy NDC Youth Organizer and strive to make a positive impact on those around us in our ways.”He concluded.

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