Why you should avoid charging your smartphone overnight



Probably, you must have heard that charging your handset overnight is not a good idea and more dangerous.

The habit seems to be common among people. When you go to bed, unplug your smartphone and charge it in the morning after waking up and by the time you have showered, dressed up and have a bite, your phone would have charged a certain percentage.

Here are some of the many reasons why it is a bad idea to charge your phone overnight;

1. It degrades the battery life

Overnight charging lowers the lifespan of your battery. In some smartphones, they normally discharge faster after the battery’s percentage drops to 99 per cent and you will again have to charge it. Have you ever asked yourself the reason behind it? Some of the common causes are charging the device overnight.

2. Full charges are bad for lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are regarded as the best rechargeable batteries. However, they suffer from stress when fully charged and this lowers their lifetime. If you intend to charge the battery, why not wait until you wake up or charge it during the day. Remember not to overcharge it.

3. Trickle charging leads to overheating

Trickle charging occurs when your phone’s battery has fully charged but it is still plugged in. This usually leads to overheating. Once your device is fully charged, it gets “trickled”

Overheating tarnishes the battery and lowers its lifespan. It puts a lot of stress on the battery.

In a nutshell, stop charging your device overnight.

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