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Will We Ever Get It Right As A Country? : Thoughts Of A Concerned Citizen And Not A Spectator

I have followed keenly the conversations of the high state of insecurity in this beautiful country of ours that once boasted as the doyen of democracy, peace and security in Africa coupled with the multiple national security threats that shamedly have left Ghana as a ticking time bomb ready to explode. 

I am not proud as a citizen putting to pen these words as they may be harsh and portray my country in a bad light. That is far from what I seek to achieve. But it is imperative I also add my voice to the already flooded opinions from across the country.

Lets take a look first at the already flawed efforts of the erstwhile governments and this current one’s effort to change the state and attitude of the citizenry’s perspective, feeling towards the state. All the thriving super states in the world made it to that level beccause they had the support of very patriotic citizens. Sadly, this is not the case of Ghana and the African continent.

Now that we have established that the system is wrecked, let me establish that this country’s growing national insecurity hinges on some very fundamental issues. First is the high rate of unemployment which has quadrupled over the 62 years of this country’s “independence”. This has created a lot of tension amongst the youth of this country who resort to unlawful ways of making a living and this account for the up-scaled crimes; kidnapping, robberies, political vigilantism that we are witnessing today. If something is not done quickly, I promise  you, we may have a situation that we can not manage in the future.

A healthy nation is a prosperous one. Unfortunately, I can not say same for my country. When you live in a country where people like Kwame Sefa Kayi can access protocol health services because his government is power instead of the basic right of every citizen and even foreigners to access quality health services then you know there is something wrong with “the heads of the Heads of this country”. This country lacks basic health facilities as pregnant women sleep on bare floors in trying to access their basic health needs. The few ones that have been build or added have been locked up either because of ineptitude, pure wickedness or the bitterness of some government big man just because he doesnt want another person to take credit for providing good facilities for Ghanaians. The health insurance scheme with all its good intent virtually doesnt even work. You can only get paracetamol at the hospital with an NHIS card. Is this not a clear case of a failed state? The most worrying component is the calibre of health proffessionals we are churning out of our health institutions because these same health institutions will not admit does who qualify. I can tell 20-30% of the deaths at our hospitals are clear cases of human error. No one deserves to lose a loved one this way. Its heart breaking. 

Next is our educational sector. For me the educational sector as well as the health and other sectors should be kept out of the reach of politicians. These politicians when they come to power will take their kids to either private schools or abroad to have a comfortable education while they politicise our public schools or play “chaskele” and experiment with them. It has to stop. When the UPP comes to power, we will stop all these kinds of behaviours of politicians taking their kids abroad. It doesnt repose confidence in our own educational system. It is quite obvious that the free SHS is sucking the life out of Ghanaians and although its a good project its a tick in the flesh of Ghanaians that is gradually sucking the life out of us. Experts should take a look at the programme and implement it properly.

As for agriculture, we have sold all our lands to foreign nationals (Non-Africans) who are proudly flying their flags on these lands. I am sick in the stomach, I am peeved and for whoever thinks we are still free and independent needs to have a rethink. How many Ghanaians own lands in Diaspora? Or we do not know its our land that gives us that independence. As for the one village one dam nonsense, I sometimes wonder why we stoop so low to allow these people force down our throats with so much lies and deception. Why do you think the black south Africans, aboriginal black Australians are fighting to the death to get their lands back? No innovative investments whatsoever, fertilizers meant for our poor farmers find their way to neighbouring countries, the youth are not encouraged to go into it, we still export primary products and import foreign foods, in fact I will need to render another article to properly do justice to the state of agric. We are simply going hungry because food prices have marathoned and Ghanaians simply dont have money to buy food because of the excruciating economic conditions coupled with the destructions of our lands by galamsayers and funny enough it seems when the government puts a ban on galamsay or something, it’s to pave way for some bigman to have total freedom and space to mine as much as they want. Its a shame. Our ancestors are disappointed in us.

One other national security threat to our country is the devil called corruption. This devil seems to rear is ugly head in every aspect of our lives, our livelihoods most importantly. It seems it has now become part of our school curriculum. Every Ghanaian seems to be good at giving bribes especially to the very arm of government responsible for curbing it, the police.
Until people are hanged or executed for it like China does, corruption will find its way even into our sleep. But China which executes people for corruption in their country seems to encourage their citizens to do it in African countries. Look at the clear case of the Huangs and the disgraceful manner in which the senior minister responded to the issues. Its so distasteful and incompetent that not even a chicken will react to it the way he did.

Why are we ignoring the warning signs? Experts have voiced out solutions but the govt of the day usually do not even flick talkless of lifting a finger to do something about it. Every party in opposition usually have the best solutions to Ghana’s problems but once they step into the flagstaff house or Jubilee house with clear heads and good hearts, they step out with clogged heads and bad hearts the next day with one vision and mission, the total and wanton depletion, embezzlement and pillage of the nations scarce resources. Very insensitive to the plight and issues of the citizenry. We must have a national plan, some prominent institutions must be decoupled from the heavy hand of the executive. MP’s should not be appointed ministers, experts should be appointed to deal with the problems and not talkatives and not some  politicians who can buy paradise for you on earth with their mouths. 

Finally to think that governments use state resources to train hoodlums and rascals in the name of ballot box protectors is not only nauseating but preposterous, distateseful and we need to have a rethink and a renewed sense of priorities and focus as a country. It is not too late to have that  trong leadership and firm resolve. Thats all this country needs to arrive at “a country beyond aid” and “a country beyond corruption”.

Bukari Kuoru 
General Secretary(Ag)
United Progressive Party
0202303331/0541040419. Source /Ayisah Foster     

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