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Sex for grades: A government sponsored smear campaign against critics


Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes….

I just read a story online with the caption “Prof.Gyampo implicated in sex for grade expose”. 
I was shocked to the marrow and decided to watch the video myself… not that I know Prof.Gyampo personally and can vouch for his intergrity (when it comes to this kind of situation) but i was shocked at the obvious sinister agenda of government clearly visible all over this expose.

This BBC report is quite shoddy and cannot sustain any legal enquiry in Court.
First of all, how do you convince me or any discerning Ghanaian that after several weeks of investigations, Prof. Gyampo and Dr. Butokor are the only two lecturers among the pool of University of Ghana lecturers who are indeed engaged in sex for Grades?
How do you convince me?

Especially in the case of Prof. Gyampo, there is no obvious mention of “give me sex for Grades” plus the meeting was in an open or public space and the conversation did not suggest any form of sexual harassment for Grades.

The evidence provided by this expose cannot in anyway be sustained in any form and will be shredded by any competent defamation suit against BBC Eye.

But is it NOT curious that all of the lecturers allegedly caught in this expose are serious and open critics of the ruling Government?
Plus the timing of the release of this expose at a time when the matter of CSE has become very contentious in Ghana; isn’t this extremely suspicious?

We must all be careful not to fall for this, because this is a clear and sinister attempt by government to silence discerning opinions in this Country, especially the few ones from Academia who have been bold enough to speak truth to power.

Government of
Ghana obviously hiding behind BBC Eye to Smear the integrity of people like Prof.Gyampo who has been a “pain in their ass” , and to cover it up they intentionally roped in lecturers from Nigeria.
(Clearly any smart person can see through this agenda)

This agenda is definitely unsustainable and the solid integrity of people like Prof.Gyampo Ransford Gyampo cannot be minced in this flawed manner.


Mensah Thompson
Executive Director ASEPA


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