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Women’s Haven Africa calls for a full-scale investment in data science

A day consultative stakeholders meeting has been held with a call on the government to finance the activities of data science in the country.
Speaking at the opening of the program, the community manager for Women’s Haven Africa, Miss. Mildred Opoku Ware said, it would be prudent and judicious for fully-fledged integrated National data science to drive the economy of the country.
To her, most Ghanaians have not attached seriousness to data science and how it tends to improve their businesses.
However, the time is due to trumpet the opportunities of data science to the teaming youth out here
Adding that the lack of reliable, meaningful, data-driven affects performance and the decision-making process within an organisation.
Some of the participants at the just end Stakeholders meeting urged the government to show commitment to data science development.
While at it, they pray the government inject funding opportunities for the youth to come out with innovative skills and ideas to address the numerous challenges confronting the country.
Most advanced countries are driven by science and technology, which is stimulating their economies and it’s incumbent upon us, not to be left out at this trying moment

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