Wontumi curses Otumfuo’s Kokosohene with ‘Antoa’ deity



The embattled Ashanti Regional New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman, Bernard Antwi Boasiako aka ‘Wontumi’, is in the news for bad reasons, once again.

This time around, the beleaguered NPP chairman has allegedly cursed the Kokosohene, Nana Kwaku Duah, with the powerful ‘Antoa’ deity.

A few days ago, this same Wontumi caused a similar stir after he launched an unprovoked attack on the powerful Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The NPP chieftain, who is a known loose talker, allegedly, said he would challenge Otumfuo if he disagreed on an issue with the famous Asante monarch.

He was reported to have passed the blasphemous remarks about Otumfuo in the presence of prominent people, including the Kokosohene, Nana Kwaku Duah.

Cursing Incident

Credible reports indicate that Wontumi also cursed the Kokosohene, and the NPP General Secretary, Lawyer Justin Kodua, heard it.

Justin Kodua, who was concerned about reports of Wontumi’s attack on Otumfuo, had called the Kokosohene on phone to verify the authenticity of the news.

During the phone conversation, the NPP scribe decided to add Wontumi on a conference call for his input about the controversial issue.

Justin Kodua was, however, got stunned when Wontumi, after hearing the voice of Kokosohene, suddenly became angry and started to rain curses on him.

Wontumi, who was said to be extremely angry and panting for breath, allegedly cursed the Kokosohene with the powerful ‘Antoa’ deity and other river gods.

The Kokosohene, who has confirmed the cursing incident, said Wontumi prayed the river deities to strike him (Kokosohene) dead, without provocation.

“I’m extremely surprised about Wontumi’s arrogant and weird behaviour. He just started to rain curses on me when he heard my voice on the phone.

“Justin Kodua had called me on phone to verify the authenticity of Wontumi’s attack on Otumfuo and also ask what steps he should take to plead on behalf of Wontumi at the Manhyia Palace. Surprisingly, Wontumi rather started to curse me with river deities when he heard my voice on the phone.

“He cursed me with about seven river deities, including ‘Antoa’ to strike me dead and use my wife and children as thanksgiving”, Nana Kwaku Duah claimed, adding “even Justin Kodua was speechless about Wontumi’s actions”.

Nana Kwaku Duah said he suspects Wontumi thought he (Kokosohene) reported his (Wontumi’s) attack on Otumfuo to the Manhyia Palace, hence his (Wontumi’s) decision to curse him.

Nana Kwaku Duah said since Otumfuo has banned cursing with river deities in Asanteman, he would officially report the case at the Asantehemaa’s palace for an appropriate action to be taken against Wontumi


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