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Young chief in Dagbon advises US Veep, others on LGBTQ+ campaign



Chief of the Dagbon Students Association (DASA) at the Tamale Technical University, Naa Nurudeen has added his voice to the LGBTQ+ discourse, stating that there’s no way Ghanaians would accept the ungodly practice.

He berated the United States Vice President Kamala Harris for advocating LGBTQ+ practice in Ghana during her three day visit in the country last week.

According to him, the practice had nothing to do with human right, but pure evil and madness.

He revealed that the drafters of the 1992 constitution have not made provision for such unproductive practice, hence the international community must direct their attention on reasonable human right issues.

Cautioning his palace members against the practice, chief Nurudeen called on Vice President Harris to divorce her husband and remarry a same-sex partner if truly she mean well in the LGBTQ+ campaign.

“you can’t come to Ghana with your husband, have good time with him for three days in the country and then turn around to encourage us to accept the human right of all persons including same-sex, it can happen elsewhere but not here, we still hold our culture, religion, identity and norms in high esteem, we may consider it if she goes in for a female partner and as well divorce her darling husband, am calling on parliament to throw out the bill for sleeping dogs to lay”.

According to him the consequences of the practice is dire, so therefore the state authorities must make the country’s position very loud and clear to the campaigners.

“It isn’t that I don’t recognize the right of others, am against the human right that has been cursed by Allah, the international community should just hold their breath on the LGBTQ agenda because myself and others would continue protest against it”

He suggested that health personnel should be given opportunities in the mass media to educate the public about dangers associated with the LGBTQ+ practices.

He advised members of the Association and Ghanaians to distance themselves from the animalistic practice and pray against its campaigners.

Vice President Harris did not directly address the Anti-gay bill in Ghana’s Parliament but reiterated her standpoint on human right violation against minorities adding that her position remains unchanged.

She said “I feel very strongly about the importance of supporting freedom and supporting the fighting for equality among all people, and that all people be treated equally.

“I will also say that this is an issue that we consider, and I consider to be a human rights issue, and that will not change”.

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