2024 Budget not approved – Parliamentary Service clarifies



The Parliamentary Service has clarified that the 2024 Budget has not been approved and is still before the House.

“The Parliament of Ghana wishes to bring to the attention of the general public that the Budget Statement and Economic Policy of the government for the year ending 3 December 2024 is still before Parliament awaiting approval,” a statement by the parliamentary service noted.

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin on Wednesday, November 29, declared a voice vote on the approval of the budget in favour of the majority after the conclusion of the debate.

However, the minority caucus challenged the ruling and opted for a headcount, forcing the majority group to stage a walkout.

The Speaker subsequently suspended sittings and later returned to adjourn proceedings

The Parliamentary Service on Thursday explained that “It is instructive to state that, as per practice in the House, daily basis before sitting commences, the Speaker and the Leadership of Parliament from both sides of the House usually have a pre-sitting discussion and agree on how to manage the business of the day.

“At the pre-sitting meeting held yesterday 29th November 2023, it was agreed that voice votes would be taken on the Budget. However, in circumstances where the Speaker’s opinion on the voice vote is challenged, headcounts would be taken. That agreement is exactly what the Rt. Hon. Speaker complied with.”

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