NPP Parliamentary elections: We’re for George Akom-Concerned Citizens Of Sekyere Afram Plains




Headed by Mr Boakye Yiadom,Concerned Citizens of Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency of the Ashanti Region have declared their unflinching support for George Akom,one of the Parliamentary aspirants for Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency as NPP goes to the polls to elect Parliamentary Candidates for the Orphan Constituencies ahead of the 2024 general elections.

The group indicated that, they have declared their support for George Akom, because he has the Constituency and the district at heart considering his contribution to the welfare and socio- economic development being made to the good people of the district.

They stressed that, despite the fact that George Akom has not been in any government position, through his own effort has touched many lives in the district through numerous social interventions.

As he contests in the Primaries, many people are behind him to win so he could change the lives of many people in the area .

“We the Concerned Citizens of the district have the hope that if he gets the opportunity to represent the Constituency in Parliament, he would do his best to improve the lives of the people.

Mr. Akom has been an Educationist, Information System and Governance Analysts. His contribution to party has been recognised by many and appreciated.Many has tipped him to win the Primaries and win the Seat for NPP for the first time.”They indicated in a statement copied to broadcastergh.com

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