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5 health benefits of walking barefoot everyday



reality, studies have shown that walking with your feet, directly touching the soil, allows your body to absorb negative electrons through the earth, which helps stabilized daily cortisol rhythm and create a balanced internal bioelectrical environment.

In other words, the negative ions present in the earth can help balance the positive ions in the body. And when this happened, it improves our health in many ways.

Here are five healthy boons for walking barefoot.

  1. It regulates insomnia

A study at pinned revealed that walking barefoot influences the physiologic process as well as induces relaxation.

It has been shown that people who had been exposed to grounding have better sleep at night when compared with those who did not walk barefoot regularly.

The reason for this is that walking barefoot helps stabilise circadian rhythms, which is the first step to better sleep; as it is the internal system that is designed to regulate the feeling of sleepiness and wakefulness over 24 hours.

  1. It controls blood pressure

Recent studies have shown that the nerve of the feet are stimulated when we walk barefoot. And this usually leads to a reduction in stress levels. However, since stress is released through searching, which is known as walking barefoot, it helps in regulating blood tension.

  1. It boasts an energy level

Every lover knows that there is high energy in nature.

This is why whenever you immersed yourself in the natural world, you pick up on the higher frequencies emitting from nature and therefore increase your energy level

  1. It helps reduce chronic pain

Alternative Medicine practitioners affirm that the electrons present in the earth help enrich the immune system in our body. And this claim is backed by the findings of a recent study.

In addition to enriching the immune system, earthling increase the oxygen levels of the body and thus, help in reducing chronic or acute pain in our body.

  1. It improves overall posture

A recent study has shown that shoes are hurting our feet. Our feet’ muscles are more than ever because of shoes and soft surfaces that don’t cause feet to be flexible and strong as they once were.

This is one of the reasons for bad posture because we become reliant upon other muscles for the job our feet are responsible for.

Our weak feet can leads to bad posture which can lead to back pain, neck pain and knee pain which is often caused by shoes that misplace our postural alignment.

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