5 reasons you should squat everyday



A healthy body does not require a healthy diet alone but the inclusion of regular exercise as well.

Squats are among the most reliable form of exercise one can undertake. They do not require any specialised equipment.

Taking a few minutes off your schedule to do squats will benefit your body in multiple ways. The following are the benefit of doing squats regularly;

1. Helps in maintaining mobility and balance

Squats enable a person to support his/her body throughout the exercise hence keeping the leg muscles strong and maintain mobilityof the hip and ankle joints.

2. Improves posture

Squats help in improving one’s posture by engaging the upper part of the body especially the back, chest and shoulders. This strengthens the muscles in those parts hence leading to proper posture.

3.Increases one flexibility

Squats play a great role in ensuring that your tendons, ligaments and muscles in your body are kept more elastic throughout the exercise hence making you more flexible than before.

4. Helps to burn fat

Since squatting involves the active participation of your muscles, they will in-turn help you to burn fat faster thus reducing the number of calories in your body.

5. Reduces the risk of injury

Squats strengthen one’s bones, muscles, supportive and connective tissues which reduces the risks of having injuries.

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