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63rd Independence day celebration:The mischief chair,Mahama’s absence not deliberate


The Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary Mathew kojo Njourkone has explained that the absence of former president John Dramani Mahama from the 63rd anniversary celebration was not deliberate but due to circumstances beyond his control. He noted that, such an absence is not strange news because that was not the first time that a “leader of His stature” missed such a ceremony and that will certainly not be the last. Mr Njourkone recalled that, in 2002 former president Kuffour, at the time he was a president also missed the independence anniversary celebration which was also not deliberate.
Again in 2019, former president Kuffuor was not at Tamale to partake in the 62nd Independence Anniversary Celebration, yet his seat was neither shown nor sent round in the social media.
He continued that, as former president Mahama could not attend the event, notice was sent to the organisers of the event, and he further sent able persons made up of National and Regional Officers as well as MPs for full representation and participation in the event.
Mr. Njourkone disclosed that the “Team” was not accorded the needed protocol and was made to stand at an entrance gate for about an hour before they were allowed in to find a place to perch in the public stands by themselves.
The Deputy Ashanti Regional Secretary further said the picture of former President Mahama’s “reserved seat” going round in the social media is an orchestration tainted with ill-motive to malign the former president, however God has exposed their ignorance and the mischief. He noted that
” a critical look at the seat which former president Kuffour sat on at the occasion and comparing that with what is alleged to have been reserved for former president John Mahama there is a difference and again comparing that with what their party Chairman and others sat on reveals similarities which suggests that the alleged seat could not be for H.E John Dramani Mahama.” He continued that
” but if indeed that seat was meant for former president Mahama, relative what was given to former president Kuffour, then it is a good omen that, he was absent to avoid being reduced to an ordinary person by such arrangements ” he said.
“If not for mischief, why will you reserve a seat for someone who has sent you a notice that he cannot attend an event?”
“Why was a reserved seat for former president Rawlings who was also absent not shown?”
The current happenings is an acknowledgement of the fact that, absence of H.E John Dramani Mahama from state events takes the shine out of it. He emphasized.
“It is quite interesting that discussions of his absence from the event has overshadowed the speech and core message of the celebration. President Mahama has always been a statesman unlike President Akuffo Addo who declined invitation for a swearing in ceremony of Prez Mahama in 2013.”
“Ghanaians are discerning and any attempt to score a cheap political point will not stand.” He concluded. Foster

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