A/R:”We Shall Sponsor Artisans Abroad To Aquire New Skills”- GNAG Vice Chairman Assures



Mr Luqman Mohammed Nuhu Appiadu, Ashanti regional vice chairman for GNAG, has secured the chairmanship slot in their upcoming elections without opposition. He has guaranteed sponsorship for artisans to pursue education abroad and broaden their horizons.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Luqman Engineering and Auto Service in the Ashanti region, the idea of sponsoring the artisans becomes necessary in this digitised and a dynamic world. Adding, it will help the artisans meet the current demands of technology.

Mr Luqman Mohammed Nuhu Appiadu reiterated that he will ensure hospital, roads and other social amenities which have become a headache for them over the past decades becomes a thing of the past, believing these problems are major challenge to customers who patronise their services at Suame magazine despite numerous promises by this and previous government.

“I thank the executives in the region for having their trust in me to allow me to go unopposed in the pending elections. It’s my fervent prayer that we sponsor our peoples to study in abroad to meet the current state of modernised and technology system, this will help boost the market. However, our hospital, roads and other social amenities which have become hindrances to us we will be resolved as soon as I am sworn in as the substantive president,” he stated.

He pledged to stay true to his roots and is requesting the backing of stakeholders.

Furthermore, he advocated for unity among the contestants and their supporters to ensure smooth elections and onwards administration of the association.

“I will implore the contestants vying for the various positions and their supporters to desist from attacking themselves. Without unity, there is no improvement, so I will urge them to abstain from unwanted utterances to ensure peaceful elections for the betterment of the GNAG,” he emphasised.


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