Adonko two fingers gives more orgasm -lady confesses



A lady by name Akosua Dagatti has shockingly revealed that,Adonko two fingers, one of the most productive alcoholic beverages produce by Angel Group of Companies gives more orgasm to women.

According to her,she always struggle to get orgasm whenever she had sex but recounted how her libido was boosted after taken two sachets of Adonko two fingers.

She revealed in a video circulating on social media that,she is a type of woman who doesn’t experience orgasm during intimacy.

Sharing her story, Akosua Dagatti, clad in black straight dress at the studios of Angel FM shocked listeners by drinking two sachets of Adonko two fingers live before telling the success story of what the Adonko two fingers has done in her life.

“I attended a program in Kumasi and I heard them talk about Adonko two fingers and I decided to give it a try.I took just two sachets of it and after returning to my hotel I felt like something is piercing my critorist so I decided to rob it with my fingers and it was all joy.

I felt like I’m in heaven because I had enough orgasm,thanks to Adonko two fingers.”Akosua Dagatti revealed in a video.

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