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Akufo-Addo’s Government Making Good Use of the Taxpayers’ Money: Payment of E-levy Shall Never Be In Vain: Razak Kojo Opoku Writes



Respectfully, I would like to urge Ghanaians to totally and wholly disregard the propaganda, misrepresentations and ugly noises from the anti-development NDC, misinformed experts and backward academicians who have mounted unpatriotic agenda against the passage of the E-levy.

The sole purpose of the aforementioned people against the E-levy is simply to push Ghana to seek financial assistance from our colonial masters, the IMF just to make a statement that both Mahama/NDC and Akufo-Addo/NPP are the same in terms of the management of the economy. NDC simply wants to achieve equalization as far as Ghana going back to IMF is concerned.

Must we as a Country always rely on third parties such as IMF or World Bank to manage our economy? Certainly not. That is the more reason why Akufo-Addo’s Government is pleading with Ghanaians to individually and collectively support the Country’s development agenda through the payment of the E-levy.

Akufo-Addo’s Government is committed to speeding up the development of the Country but without the E-levy the rate of development is likely to slow down for the year 2022.

Why must Ghana go to the IMF for support when we as a people have the capacity and the means locally to contribute our quota via E-levy to sustain Ghana’s economy?

The highest IMF can offer Ghana is $1 billion for maybe 4-5 years. However, with the introduction of E-levy Ghana would be able to generate that $1 billion within a year ,and within 3-5 years period Ghana would have generated $3-5 billion far more than the $1 billion loan facility that IMF will offer Ghana accompanied with unnecessary conditionalities leading to suspension of some Government laudable projects and unemployment for 3-5 years in the Public Sector.

Ghana shall be far better off with E-levy than going back to the IMF for support.

Any person with PhD or professional experience in Finance or Economics who would suggest that Ghana goes back to IMF for bailout instead of E-levy is simply either not properly thinking outside the box or enemy of the state or doing so due to lack of homegrown wisdom.

Akufo-Addo’s Government has achieved a lot of positive development for Ghana within the five year period without IMF. Ghana can continue to achieve better development without IMF, moving forward.

Enough of always relying on the foreign institutions to support Ghana’s economy, domestically we have the potential to support Government to continue fixing the Country.

Mahama John went to IMF and still failed to deliver good governance. Going back to IMF is a proposal from enemies of Ghana and it is important well-meaning Ghanaians totally and wholly ignore such enemies of the State.

It is sad when you hear or read from some learned people suggesting that E-levy is a lazy approach of revenue generation and then I asked myself what is more lazy than going to the IMF for bailout with attached conditionalities?

Has IMF Bribes NDC Members of Parliament and some Ghanaian experts to push Ghana back to IMF for behind the scenes kickbacks from IMF anaa?

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