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Amansie Central District:Odaso Water Treatment Center To Close Down Due To Illegal Mining Activities



Odaso water treatment center at Odaso ,near Watreso ,a mining community in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti region is under serious threat  due to illegal mining activities in the area.

The said water treatment center takes its only source from the Oda river and supplies treated water to the good people of Obuasi and it’s surrounding areas.

The water body, which is the Oda river has become muddy and subsequently changed its colour  because of illegal Mining Activities on the raw water source.

Thus, illegal Miners using dredging machine (locally known as Totototo)to extract gold straight from the water.

According to management, mining from the raw water source contaminates the water and changes the colour which makes it difficult to treat the water before supply.

Speaking to Daniel Ozel, Management Trainee,Odaso Water treatment centre,he  said ,the treatment plant has been in the area for the past twenty years and was doing well but due to the rising level of illegal mining activities, they muddy the water which compell them to buy more chemicals to treat the water.

He  revealed that ,very soon the treatment centre would be shutdown if government fails to stop the illegal Miners from operating.

This was revealed yesterday when the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Miners (GNASSM) taskforce headed by commander Bresi Andoh embarked  on serious operations in the area with the support of Prof.Frimpong Boateng, Minister for Environment Science and Technology.

In just two operations within six days,the association has been able to seized and destroyed close to sixty functional dredging machines and arrested four operators who are currently with the Manso Nkwata Police.

Speaking to Mr.Bresi Andoh, Commander of the taskforce,he said the interception and final destruction of the illegal mining equipment followed the Final War against recalcitrant illegal miners in the country by their Association.

He said the operation is to bring down the curtain on illegal mining on the   river bodies in the country and protect the river against pollution.

According to him, the Association’s efforts to stop illegal mining activities were on course but the association lacks cars ,live jacket etc to operate.

“Sometimes we need to rent commercial cars to embark on our operations which is not the best.

We have only two pickups and per the number of our taskforce we rent extra vehicles before we operate”commander Bresi told journalist yesterday.


Commander Bresi  Said people would not have their way and warned the recalcitrant persons to stop their activities and leave the operation areas to avoid drastic consequences.

He commended the team spirit and resilience of the taskforce and pledged the Association’s total support to ensure the success of the operation. Foster

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