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Ashanti NPP Organizer Weeds Kumasi Children’s Home Ahead Of Donation



The Ashanti Regional Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Francis Adomako on Saturday morning joined persons he had hired to weed the precincts of the Kumasi Children’s Home (KCH).

The gesture by the NPP executive was to ensure that the overgrown weeds do not fester to harbor wild animals.

Starting from the arena where the Home’s kitchen is located, the regional organiser together with the hired persons cleaned and cleared all weeds around across the compound.

Speaking to this reporter during the vigorous activity, Mr Adomako said, ‘having visited officials at the Children’s Home I realized the compound had been overtaken by weeds’.


Mr Adomako disclosed that the KCH administrator discussed with him several challenges at the home including the weedy environment.

He noted that many of the issues bothered on projects the home needs to undertake to make life comfortable for the inmates and kids.

Mr Adoamko said the home needs more spaces to house the children and give them better ventilation in their rooms.

‘’I have taken note of all that the administrator discussed with me and I will seek support from persons in my party so that we can do our part to give these kids a better upkeep and environment’’.


The Regional Organiser revealed that he would donate to the kids in the new year of 2023, adding that his earlier visit was to learn of pressing needs the home would love to be attended to.

He noted that he had been made aware of items that would be needed at the home in the upcoming year.

‘’As I do on new year’s day I will donate some items God willing on the 2nd of January, 2023 and whatever the Lord will give me I will come to share with the children and the home so that together we can smile as we hope for a prosperous 2023’’, Mr Adomako stated.






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