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Ashanti Regional NPP Chairmanship Race:Will Owusu Aduomi Succeed After Kaputing  Ejisu Constituency 


A lot of political jostling is underway in the Ashanti Region as the New Patriotic Party make  moves to win the heart of Ghanaians once again in election 2024

Given the ruling New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) ‘Agenda break the 8 years mantra, political pundits are keenly watching how the determination of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to improve on its 2020 performance in what is known in Ghanaian politics as the World Bank of the NPP can come to fruition.

Political gurus who are lacing their boots to lead the NPP in the Ashanti region as regional chairpersons to recapture power in election 2024 includes,the incumbent chairman, Bernard Antwi Bosiako(Chairman Wontumi),Mr.Owusu Aduomi,former member of parliament for Ejisu constitucy in the Ashanti region and former deputy minister of roads ,Odeneho Kwaku Appiah Constituency Chairman,Afigya Kwabre South,Mr.Boris B ,among others.

Base on our checks to ascertain who is going to lead the NPP in the Ashanti region for a period of four years in some selected  Constituencies ,the research team was shocked about news gathered from Ejisu constitucy as to why their failed MP is still availing himself to lead the party in the region.

Speaking to a number of constituents,they made it clear that,the entire NPP should forget election 2024 should they make a whopping mistake and vote for Mr.Owusu Aduomi as the Ashanti regional chairman of the party.

According to them,Mr.Aduomi having served as MP for some years and as a deputy Minister in charge of roads did nothing good at the constitucy level but only brought division and cracks within the party.

“This man has totally divided us at the grassroot level.As we speak ,we have John Kumah faction and Owusu Aduomi faction.

As a former MP, instead of him throwing his support for  the incumbent MP(John Kumah)he does things without the consent of the incumbent MP all because he (John Kumah) unseated him during the parliamentary primaries.

As we speak now,Mr.Aduomi  has taken we the party members for granted and does not even want to see any member believing coming from the camp of Mr.John Kumah.

There is no unity whatsoever in our constitucy and per our checks parties are built at the constitucy level so how can someone who have already brought division at the constitucy level lead a bigger party like NPP at the regional level?.They questioned.

“You see,the NPP has an Agenda of breaking the 8 years in government and as such we need to get someone who’s competent,a unifier and thinks about the welfare of those at the grassroot.

With Owusu Aduomi as regional chairman,it would be difficult for NPP to win election 2024 since he does things for his selfish interest and does not put the party into consideration.

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