Ashanti Youth Caucus wants Dr Dufour as Mahama’s running mate



The Ashanti Youth Caucus and some identifiable groups of traders in the Kumasi central market have made a passionate appeal to Mr John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to choose Dr Kwabena Donkor as his running mate to make the 2024 general elections a mere formality.

According to them ,they are determined to pull their resources together throw their wait behind the former Finance Minister in the erstwhile Prof Evans Atta Mills’ government to ensure a resounding victory for the NDC.

Mr Frank Basoah, the spokesperson for the group at a press conference explained the need for endorsing Dr Dufour.

The members of the groups throwing their support for Mahama Dufour partnership comes from all the political device, including the NPP, NDC CPP, PNC and PPP and does not affiliate with any one political party, because they have realized that,at their crucial of economic difficulties Dr Dufour is the one to help Mahama administration to rescue the economy from the mess created by Nana Addo and Bawumia government.

According to him, they are of the view that,Dr Dufour has the track records during his tenure of office as the finance Minister was able to achieve a single digit of inflation for a whole year, which he said demonstrated his capable in managing the Ghana’s economic.
He stressed the group concern that the managers of the former President John Dramani Mahama should not make any mistake to choose any other person than Dr Dufour in our economic trying times where the every sectors of the economy are on their knees.
He noted that, the traders in the Kumasi central market are suffering day in and out, because there is not convenient place to ply their trading activities yet are always chases by the KMA city guides, extorting monies from the like monies they makes in the daily basis.
The groups believes that, Dr Dufour being the finance Minister could also secure government loans for them to expand their businesses and but a befitting settlers markets for them to help decongest the Central Business District of Kumasi.

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