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Bawku Conflict: We now need divine intervention – Kpemka suggests



Joseph Dindiok Kpemka, a former Deputy Attorney General has described the conflict situation in Bawku as one that needs divine intervention to resolve, aside the human efforts being adopted to end the conflict.

The former Tempane Member of Parliament intimated that the protracted dispute and recent violent attacks that have claimed several lives is depressing and essentially affecting all other areas in the Kusaug zone.

Renewed clashes in Bawku have in recent weeks heightened, leading to the death of over 30 people including women and children.

It is feared that the renewed violent attacks may give fertile grounds to terrorist infiltration and expose the country to extremist activities.

Speaking on Joynews Newsfile, Mr Kpemka bemoaned the implications of the ongoing conflict, pointing to the exit of public and private institutions from the once vibrant business hub as one of the draw backs due to the conflict.

In his assertion, a divine intervention is needed to compliment the human efforts aimed at restoring peace in the area.

“I’m very hesitant in commenting on this issue because of the very endemic nature of the conflict. It is a very dicey situation. When I saw the horrific pictures of the people who were killed, I really couldn’t sleep. It is a pathetic situation and so commensurations to the families affected. I believe that we have reached a stage where apart from human efforts we need divine intervention in Bawku,” he said.

Joseph Dindiok Kpemka further indicated that the severity of the conflict and killings that occur may have been under reported.

“The deaths and level if destruction and the level of tension probably are under reported,” he added.

While pleading with the feuding factions to exercise restraint and explore other means of seeking redress, he indicated that there is currently no pending issue on the Bawku Chieftaincy matter in any court in the country.

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