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Be More Forth Right In Tackling Issues That Have  Potential To Disturb Election 2020 -Dr.Sarpong To Peace Council

Dr.Samuel Sarpong ,Former Managing Director,State Housing Company Limited has called on the  National  Peace Council to  be more forth right in tackling issues that have the potential to disturb public  peace in the country as far as election 2020 is concerned.
According to him, while the NDC has signed the document on the road map to Peace, the ruling NPP government, which has the biggest responsibility to ensure peace in the country has refused to sign the document whilse  the National Peace Council sits unconcerned  all these months.
He said,unfortunately, it is the NDC’s belief that principal actors in the peace agenda including government have either done little or have not shown enough good faith in promoting peace, especially at this critical time.
Dr.Sarpong ,who was also  the former Ashanti/central regional minister and a mayor of Kumasi under NDC regime further indicated that,it is important to underscore the fact that there cannot be peace without justice.
He revealed that,the events of the Ayawaso West Wuogon bye-election are still fresh in minds. Despite the recommendations of the Commission set up by the government itself, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are not only walking as free men, some are infact promoted.
He mentioned that,Mr. Ernest Akoma aka “Double” has since not faced any criminal prosecution.
Mr. Mohammed Sulemana, who brazenly assaulted Hon. Sam George is yet to be prosecuted.
DSP Samuel Kojo Azugu has been re-assigned to a Ministry where the potential of abuse of power is even greater
Col. Mike Opoku has neither been reprimanded nor has he released the weapons used that day or the people involved in the use of the weapons that day, as the Commission recommended
Bryan Acheampong has not been reprimanded as the Minister who authorized the operation that fateful day
“In the face of the above, it is no wonder that the security situation in the country remains volatile. How can we trust any pronouncement by government or any other institution when clear-cut issues like the above are still hanging? The element of TRUST is important, and that TRUST is lacking.
Having made the point, we still think that we can arrive at some measure of peace if we do the following:
No military presence should be maintained at polling stations. Military presence can intimidate voters. The military can act as a backup should situations warrant their presence.
The heavy deployment of security personnel to the Volta Region is without serious justification. We contend that the move is to cause fear and panic among voters. The Volta Region should be treated like any other region in the deployment of security.
Security personnel deployed to polling stations should have their names and service numbers properly marked for easy identification
While we caution voters not to send cell phones into booths where they cast their ballots, we do encourage all and sundry to have their cell phones on them and to record happenings at polling centres. Such recordings should be widely circulated. The EC’s position of disallowing cell phones at polling centres is without sound reasoning.
Government needs to re-assure the citizenry that access to social media and internet services on election day will be uninterrupted. This will dispel the rumor making the runs that there will be social media blackout on Dday.
We need candour on the part of the Electoral Commission. So far we have seen none from the EC. Instead the EC views the NDC as an enemy. ” He indicated.
The unmatched politician in the history of Ghana made this known during a presentation he made at a forum organized by the National Peace Council to promote peaceful election 2020 in Ghana. Foster

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