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Distinguished Scholars Of Africa Schools Media  On December Elections



Distinguished Scholars of Africa has highlighted the role of the press and citizens to ensure a trouble free and lawful transition ahead of the 7th December 2020 elections.Speaking at a media engagement today in Accra,the President of the Distinguished Scholars of Africa,Nana Oppong entreated the media to be factual in their reportage.His effacement was on the citizenry to stay of any trouble which might lead to violence.Nana Oppong ,called for the need to recognize the distinct possibility that peaceful and lawful transition demand active and conscious efforts by all peace and lovely people and other interests groups.Nana went further to explain the roles citizens must play to ensure a Legitimate Open Verifiable Elections (LoVE).which in turn leads to Securing Amicable Lawful Transition (SALT) Roles of the media and citizens,Nana Oppong stated that a major role the press must play is by ensuring that citizens do not have doubts about the outcome of the polls.He said that this can be by presenting facts and not assumptions to citizens.He called for the need to ensure mutual respect among citizens hence discouraging the politics of insults and encouraged all parties to commit to peaceful resolution of elections related issues.Anti Corruption Institute.Projects and Programs Special at the Anti – Corruption Institute Mr.Isaac Abrokwa called for the need to amend the 1992 Constitution to address key issues that threaten Ghana’s democratic governance.As long as judges are appointed by the persons or the ruling party or as long as the security,finances and tenure of judges are in the hands of the President or the ruling party,the court’s can be manipulated to rule in favour of the President or of the ruling party.He went further to explain that the ought to be supreme special forces of the state for the defence of the people’s wishes which are independent of the President and of the ruling party.The main responsibility of the special forces would be to remove a person or party from office after a free and fair election in which he or the party loses…

Source/Peter Moadow.

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