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BORGCA Lambasts Government Over Security, Media Neglect


BORGCA Lambasts Government Over Media, Security Neglect

Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration (BORGCA), a research team based in Ghana and abroad has lambasted the ruling New Patriotic government for neglecting police and the media.

In a statement copied to today, Mr. Isaac Rockson, communications strategist and International Relations indicated that, It’s very disturbing, highly perturbing that we have a leadership of our country who do not consider the presence of the media and the security agencies.

He said, the media today is under threat, attack and lacks press freedom. This he believes is something we should all believe that is not argue well with press freedom.
He cited the killing of Amed Suale, an investigative journalist with Tiger eye PI, and the numerous attacks on Manasseh Azure, former staff of Multimedia.

He added that, the security agencies today have realized situations that they cannot predict. There’s no times in the country’s history where police persons themselves are under heavy attacks. People killing police, molesting police.

“People now have the mandate and power to control the security, what is the Interior ministry doing to protect the welfare of our security persons.
The security in the country have gone through alot under the NPP government, both the military and the police and other agencies are under a serious threat and some of them have suffered violence that they deserve not. Some have died whiles on duty, so if the security system has broken down how would we the civilian call for safety?. He quizzed.

Civilians today have realized a heinous insecurity situations which is unbearable. This unbearable situation is very critical and the media which is solely responsible for disseminating information has no freedom how much more the security personnels who are today under similar situations.

Mr. Isaac Rockson deduced that, crime has become a hallmark of the Nation all is because of certain personalities that have been involved in such an acts of indiscipline and that indiscipline act has never been controlled or has not suffered any punishment for crimes committed.

The government finds that not all that prudent to suffer punishment that has landed our country to be insecured.

He said, if government fails to punish law offenders then people will take the law in their hands and act wrongly to that effect so we should be mindful of whatever we are going through.

“The insecurity under the watch of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo are some of the things that disqualifies the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to be the best president of Africa.

If these are the main reasons the president was voted to be the best president in Africa then those who did the assessment were sleeping or blind of the intelligence they hold to vote the president as the best in Africa.”He maintained.
Source /Ayisah Foster

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