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2020 Elections :Don’t Undermine Mahama’s Leadership-NPP Warned

Elections 2020:Don’t Undermine The Leadership Of John Mahama – NPP Warned  Acumen of Political Researchers Intelligence Society (APRIS), Per a research conducted by the research team over the period of six months which began  in the month of March, 2019 down the line has  come into consideration that the new Patriotic Party should not undermine the intelligence of the NDC leader, the flagbearer and the former president of the Republic, Mr. John Dramani Mahama. The research team has however cautioned the Incumbent leadership of this country Ghana to care to note that Ghanaians have not forgotten the NDC’s former president in the anals of records. NPP should be mindful of some of the things that John Dramani Mahama did as a president and consider that he is a strong contender not to be undermined anyway in the upcoming elections. President Mahama’s presence in the upcoming elections is more fierce to the incumbent Nana Addo’s administration. “On a grounds of our research it drew attention that about 53.79% desire president John Dramani Mahama coming back since they believe that Nana Addo’s government is in confused shambles and is not consistent with policies and delivering on its 2016 campaign promises. To others they feel insecure as they keep on witnessing insecurities and Scandals of heinous corruption each day in and out.Some also feel reluctant to decide who to vote for irrespective of whatsoever is pending in the country. “If the NDC leadership will recall, this research team wrote a report and submitted it to the then government before the 2016 elections that revealed that the NDC would definitely lose the 2016 elections and obviously the NDC lost per our research and investigation we conducted. Source Foster 

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