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Is Nana Addo Haunted By His Own Thoughts ? – ASEPA Writes


Mensah Thompson of ASEPA Writes… 

It has become a very worrying trend that anytime President Akufo Addo speaks, there is so much insinuations and aspersion castings.

At first I was putting the blame squarely on the President’s speech writers until recently I started noticing the same worrying trend even when the President speaks off script.

But what has insinuated this piece is not even the ‘unpresidential’ nature of the President’s speeches but rather the “coded” languages in his speech.
And I call it coded because like a picture, some of the President’s statements are pregnant with a thousand words.

Why would the President mount a podium and make a statement like…
“i did not come into government to enrich myself….”
But Mr.President, who said you came into Politics to enrich yourself?
(What people are talking about is the corruption in your government)
“i don’t care loosing votes because of banking sector clean up…”
Really Mr.President? People have lost their livelihood and your only comfort as President is you don’t care if you loose votes?

Now yesterday the Electoral Commission paid a courtesy call on the President and the only thing the President could think of is *” i don’t need the E.C to win an election….”*

But Mr.President who said you needed the E.C to win an election?
-And if you don’t need the E.C to win an election then who does?
-Does it mean there are parties that uses the E.C to win elections?
-Have you ever needed the E.C to be able to win an election in Ghana?

Like I said, the President’s statements however insinuative they are have a thousand words behind them.
(the E.C visits you and all you can tell them is “i don’t need you to win an election” Really Mr.President?)

And this goes beyond the President trying to respond to his usual critics because none of the Electoral Commissioners who were seated in front of him are his critic.

Considering the fact that what the President says and what the President does is at great variance, it will be suicidal for anybody to attempt to take this statement flatly.
And for the sanctity of this Country we must all begin to watch the E.C closely.
Because the President may NOT need them now, but we don’t know when the President may need them afterall.(according to his own speech if you decode)
The President may not realise that he has just publicly confirmed or admitted that it is possible for sitting President to influence the E.C.*(How dangerous!)

But finally Mr.President as an Apsunian I would like to leave you with the motto of Holy Child School,
If you have good intentions then ‘facta’ Mr.President, ‘non verba!’ 
Action! Mr.President, Not Words!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director (ASEPA)

Source /Ayisah Foster 

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