Breaking news : Pastor beaten at Bantama for preaching against indecency in the area, noise making



Residents of Bantama near the culture center gate have been seen beaten a self- aclaimed man of God for preaching against indecency in the area.

In a well- circulated video captured by, the man of God was seen naked , beaten without any tangible reason.

His reasons for storming Bantama as a man of God was to preach against indecency and and other social vices among the people in the area.

Source told that ,the man of God announced his presence in the area yesterday where he begged for food from a lady in a drinking spot just opposite the culture center gate.

Upon seeing the man of God ,the lady who helped him with food yesterday raised an alarm this morning where scores of people who were present approached him to authenticate his genuinety as a man of God.

The mod approached him with canes ,slaps and other unacceptable materials they laid their hands on.

They stripped him naked because they suspected he’s not a true man of God based on his dressing and seeing him on the streets today ,Sunday, without attending Church.

One person was heard loud in the video that his is being beaten for threatening to curse him when he approached him to leave his premises with his preachings.

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