Cheating is part of marriage – Empress Gifty tells wives



Gospel singer, Gifty Adorye, also known as Empress Gifty believes that cheating is a component of marriage and has asked couples not to rule out the possibility that their partners could cheat in marriages.

According to her, admitting the act is part of marriage will save a lot of spouse’s dire consequences of heartbreak.

She made these statements in an interview with Accra FM while stating that it is a huge mistake for partners to think of each other as saints.

“What I can say is that, if you are a married man or married woman, cheating is part of marriage. If you don’t bear that in mind, you will go mad when it happens to you.

You see, don’t see your husband as Holy Ghost. Don’t consider your wife as [Hail] Mary. No. Acknowledge that your partner is a human being. Think about divorce just as you thought about your wedding,”she asserted.

Empress Gifty further explained that couples are able to forgive each other if cheating is regarded as a sign of weakness and dealt with as such.

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