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Call the minister of health to order,AYA tells Presidency



It has come to the notice of the Asante Youth Association (AYA ) that the Minister of Health Hon.Kwaku Agyemang Manu have made one of the most unfortunate decisions in the history of the management of KATH which hitherto is in the perview of the Management.

It is in this light that, today we would like to express our grave dissatisfaction for such a decision that we believe undermines the integrity and professionalism that underpins sustainable quality health service delivery.

We have been reliably informed that the Minister of health seeks to re-employ the services of the immediate past CEO of KATH, Dr. Oheneba Danso as one of its surgeons even though he has passed the stipulated years prescribed by the laws of the country concerning public office holders.

While we firmly believe that the decision to re-employ the service of an immediate past CEO is not alien to the history of the hospital, we strongly contend that the circumstances pertaining to this particular decision by the Minister is inimical and needs serious reconsideration.

Compared to a similar decision that was taken to re-employ or contract the services of Dr. Akpaloo, he had not reached the retiring age prescribed by law. In addition, it is worth noting that Dr. Akpaloo was still practising the profession as a surgeon/lecturer while he was still in office as CEO of the hospital.

The facts relating to re-contracting the services of Dr. Oheneba Danso remains questionable on the basis of the foregoing precedence.

First, Dr. Oheneba Danso has exceeded his retirement age at the time of leaving office. While this perhaps could be reasonable grounds to re-employ his services based on technical expertise, in this case the Management of KATH have not expressed the need of the services a plastic surgeon momentarily. Dr. Oheneba Danso has not practised his profession for the past six (6) years and this raises critical concerns and the current state of his competence. What’s more, at the moment, the hospital is not in dire need of his services as a plastic surgeon since the hospital has plastic surgeons in excess capacity.

We therefore strongly call on the Minister for Health and the board chairman to provide the good people of Ghana and Asanteman, as well as the current administration, a justifiable reason for such a decision.

We, *AYA* hold the opinion that this decision by the minister is reckless, untimely, and needless unless proven otherwise.

We also trust in the competence of the current CEO of KATH , as we can attest to the tangible transformation he and his team have brought to KATH. He has been to resolved the no bed situation at the hospital, improve overall efficiency and ongoing rehabilitation and redecorating of the doctors flats which has not seen any form of repairs in the last 15 years. Within his 6 months stay in office we have learnt there is going to be a massive renovation works at KATH.

In the same period under reference, the current CEO and his team have build partnerships with other firms who line of business correlates with that of KATH to quicken the pace of development.

It stems from above that, that the current CEO and his team have something under their sleeves to offer to Ghana and Asanteman, therefore it’s imperative to support them to deliver and the superfluous decision reverse without further delay.

We sum up by calling on the Presidency to call the Minister of Health(Mr Kwaku Agyeman Manu) to order.

Long live AYA
Long live Sikadwa
long live Asante/ Asanteman

Joseph Oppong
(Vice President/Operations Director)

Tweneboa Kodua
*(General Secretary)

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