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Cameras and systems in 2M Express buses checking reckless driving – NRSA




2M Express Limited, has over the years proven to provide safe and reliable services in transporting Ghanaians to and from their various destinations despite the recent development, according to National Road Safety Authority (NRSA)


The private transport business firm also has qualified human resources and logistics in running a transportation business in Ghana.


The acting Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority, Mr. David Osafo Adonteng explained 2M Express does undertake regular programs to ensure its staff and drivers obey traffic regulations at all time.


There are reports that 2M Express bus was over-speeding and diverted to cause an accident but this is a falsehood



” This 2M Express we are talking about, our investigations are telling us that well, it will interest you to know that if you go to 2M Express, which we’ve been monitoring all time, they have installed cameras and systems to monitor their drivers 24/7.


“In rare times, I’ve been there and we [NRSA] have been part of the whole process where I visited and used the same system to monitor these drivers.” the NRSA boss pointed out.


Mr. David Osafo Adonteng on Joy News monitored by Kwabena Danso-Dapaah also allayed fears and described services of 2M Express as ‘save and reliable’


“We know their [2M Express drivers] speed, we know where they overtake, and where they don’t. We know where they stop and couldn’t stop for resting. All these are happening in the transport business”, Mr. David Osafo Adonteng said.


The management of 2M Express Company Limited has expressed their deepest sorrow over the unfortunate accident that occurred on the Accra to Kumasi highway on Sunday, March 26, 2023, and extends their condolences to the families of the accident victims.

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