CEO of PM Bread Commissions CHPS Compound Worth 300k For Nkatieso Community



Peter Mensah, popular known as PM, a native of Nkatieso in the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Municipality of the western north region, has commissioned the CHPs compound worth more than three hundred thousand Ghana cedis (GHC. 300.000.00) for Nkatieso community.

Furnished with hospital beds, x-ray machines and other facilities, the project was funded by Mr. Peter Mensah, PM, in line with his philanthropist works for the community. The Nkatieso community is the direct beneficiary to the multi-million CHPs compound.

Addressing the gatherings at the community’s durbar grounds yesterday, he spelled out that his purpose as a young, vibrant entrepreneur was to give back to his community, fulfilling his vision since born and bread in the community”, I’m doing this to fulfill my vision growing up in this community”.

He states that he’s been receiving calls to support serious injured victims in the community, prompting the construction of the health facility to relieve the community’s burdens.

The business mogul and miner explained that saving life has become a passion for him, not to say he has gotten excessively, but to care for the community.

Growing up, there was unity in this community, but there has been intense division which has delayed development and I will plead for unity”. Together we stand, divided we fall”.

“It’s not as if we have excess money but to show love and passion and to give back to my community and transform life of where I come from. Nkatieso isn’t a village again. We need to do our best for the growth of where we were born,” he stated.

“We have a lot of big men in this community, but there is this division which isn’t helping us. Nobody is willing to support the other side and vice versa. This is absolutely hindering development and progress of Nkatieso. I will plead with the well- to-do ones in this community to help the needy and the growth of the community. We should be devoid of the division so that we can all come together to forge ahead for the growth of our community,” he expressed passionately.

Mr. Peter Mensah seized the convenience of calling on the health workers and the community members to observe maintenance culture to keep it longer for the future.

“After today, I’m handing over everything to the government. Likewise, maintenance culture must be observed by all. I think we can keep it neat and longer, if we do so,” he reiterated.

The colorful event brought together dignitaries from all walks of life, including Nananom, political figures, security capos, staff of PM group of companies, heads of department, compatriots and the members of the community.

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