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Check out the benefits of wearing waist beads for sex


Worn by both married and single ladies, waist beads come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The shiny ornaments with blended colours, beautifully laid on the hip, and follows the sway of the bum of its wearer, these are fascinating and beyond decoration.

Different women wear waist beads for several reasons, one of such reasons is that waist beads are believed to be associated with libido. And yes! This is true.

Waist beads for a long time have been believed to stimulate deep sensual desires in men. When the beads are seen swerving on the waist and hips of a woman, there is a shift in focus for men.

The female bum represents many things for African society, just as much sentiment is attached to it. It is said to house the whole essence of a woman’s feminism and sexuality.

Waist beads are a very important part of lovemaking. Research has it that, it helps in the stimulation of the sexual organs and gives couples an orgasmic feeling at the time of penetration. Wearing it during lovemaking gives extra pleasure to couples, which can build up greater intimacy between you both.

The movement of the beads against the skin between partners during lovemaking helps boosts sensation and excitement of both lovers. The sounds made by waist beads also heightens the orgasmic atmosphere during intimacy. For some men, the jiggling sounds from the waist beads increase their performance levels and helps to make lovemaking longer and sweeter. For these reasons, most men prefer their partners wear waist beads during lovemaking.

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