Christ Apostolic Church Of Ghana Commends Parliament For Approving The Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill Into Law



The leadership of the Christ Apostolic Church of Ghana (CACG) has eulogized Parliament for passing the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill into law.
According to the Church, the passing of the bill Parliament has assured the people of Ghana that the Parliamentarians were ready to fight for the good of the people of Ghana.
Addressing the media in Kumasi over the weekend, The Trustee Chairman and Leader of the Christ Apostolic Church of Ghana, Apostle Abraham Amoh, appealed to the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to follow the good gesture and example by the Parliamentarians and sign the bill.
He explained that there was the need for the President to listen to the voice of the populace and in the interest of the majority of Ghanaians sign the bill to make it a law to bind all Ghanaians.
Apostle Amoh stated that although Ghana remains a secular state, there was a need for the President to consider the cultural values and beliefs of all various ethnic groups and faith-based Organizations and do what the people are looking for to promote peace in the country.
He also reminded the President to be mindful of the rich cultural values that keep the nation in good shape and not people’s adopted cultures.
The Trustee Chairman explained that “there is the need for the culture of the various ethnic groups in the country to be protected and strengthened to protect the cultural values and moral activities which make up what the country stands for”.
Advice to political parties
He mentioned that since both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) parties have governed this country before, it was time to compare their administration, vision and how they delivered for Ghanaians to allow one of the parties to move the nation forward.
Apostle Amoh urged Ghanaians to carefully select which of the two parties has the people of Ghana at heart by implementing the right policies that stand the chance of changing the living standard of the people through poverty alleviation initiatives.
He advised the Electoral Commission to be transparent and fair in their duties in the coming elections and also urged leaders of the various political parties to caution their followers to be disciplined and follow election guidelines for a peaceful Ghana before, during and after the elections.

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