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COKA Writes About Realities Of God And Man



Man proposes but it is God who disposes. Man can make plans but whether or not they will be successful will depend on God.

That is why our trust should be in God and not man because they always disappoint when you need them. I called my doctor one day when l was sick. She told me she also has stomachache.

A unit committee chairman told his people that when they vote for him, he will construct a toilet for that electoral area. After voting for him, he told them he cannot help because it is bad to build a house without a toilet. You have dated or married for 10 years. At the time when she or he had nothing, you stood by him or her.

He or she promised heaven but today you are his or her first enemy. Friends and some family members switch off their phone when you need their help.

Your pastor was asleep when you called him at night when you had a nightmare and you needed prayers.

A police officer who is supposed to protect us, with all his training and pistol has been attacked by robbers in his house. God heals and doctors take the credit and the cash.

A farmer will plant but how the plant will grow is with God. In times of difficulties, it is better to pray to God than to go to man because they have nothing to offer if God doesn’t touch their heart. Coka, l care.

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