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Commemorating 2023 IWD: Embracing Equity, Ensuring A Fairer Society-GII



The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), the national chapter of Transparency International (TI), on this day of International Women’s Day (IWD) joins all Ghanaians and people across the globe to congratulate women for their immense contribution to nation-building.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union-UN Women Map of Women in Politics, 2023 edition, shows that there are more women currently holding political decisionmaking positions globally than ever, notwithstanding the fact that gender parity is still a long way off. In Ghana, only 40 out of the 275 Members of Parliament are women, representing 14.5% which is lower than the global average of 23% and the African average of 24%.1

According to UN Women, women’s equal participation in leadership, political and public life are essential to achieving the SDGs and national development. One of the major obstacles that have plagued the achievement of gender parity in decision-making is corruption. There is considerable evidence that corruption disproportionately affects women more than men.

It is against this background that, GII on this day, is calling on the Government and all the accountability institutions to rethink their commitment to the fight against corruption by taking concrete actions to address issues of discrimination and “Embrace Equity”.

This year’s theme for the IWD is “Embrace Equity”. To embrace equity as prescribed, a shift in thinking and commitment to taking concrete actions toward gender equality is necessary. Specifically, we implore the Executive and Parliament to fast-track the passage of the Affirmative Action Bill into law. This singular act would facilitate intentional policies to promote women’s rights to representation in politics and public life, curb discrimination, and contribute to promoting gender equality in public spaces. In the spirit of leaving no one

1 Per the IPU Women in Politics, 2023 edition
pg. 1
For further information contact: 0302 760884

behind, there couldn’t have been a better time than now to ensure that Ghana becomes one of the few countries in Africa that actualises the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5

In line with the global theme for this year’s IWD, GII also calls on Government and political parties to adopt national gender policies and create opportunities for women to occupy public offices.

As we commend women across the globe, GII holds the firm belief that, should every Ghanaian work diligently towards promoting gender equity and inclusion for vulnerable groups at risk of discrimination, Ghana will achieve significant results. Finally, GII uses this opportunity to call on all women in Ghana to stand up, speak up, denounce and report all injustices including corruption as we strife in the quest for gender equity in Ghana.

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