COP George Alex Mensah Retires At 60 from Police Service With Full Benefits



Commissioner of Police (COP) George Alex Mensah, has retired from the Police Service yesterday Sunday 17 September 2023, as he attains the compulsory retirement age of sixty (60) as enshrined in the laws of the country.

COP Alex Mensah during his over 30 years of service in the police, served in various positions and until when he proceeded on leave pending retirement, he was the director general in charge of all Police operations nation-wide.

In the last few weeks, the now retired police commissioner became a household in Ghana following a leaked voice recording in which he is allegedly heard discussing the work of the current Inspector General of Police (IGP) George Akuffo Dampare and the need to remove him from office for mismanaging the Ghana Police Service.

The leaked audio recording is now a subject of investigation by a parliamentary adhoc committee. COP George Alex Mensah and other police officers have already appeared before the committee to give their testimonies about the leaked audio recording.

The police service regulation, 2012, constitution instrument (CI 76) stipulates all the benefits that are to be given to COP George Alex Mensah. Section 121 (1) states that “in accordance with Article 119(1) and (2) of the 1992 Constitution, officers of the service who have attained the voluntary and compulsory retirement age shall be paid gratuities and pensions from the Consolidated Fund.

(2) An officer of the service who has served for ten continuous years or more, shall be paid retiring benefits from the Consolidated Fund

(3) An officer of the service who has served for less than ten continuous years is, unless otherwise prescribed in these Regulations entitled to receive proportionate gratuity for the period served.

(4) The consolidated annual salary to be used for the calculation of pension Retirement Benefits and gratuities shall be the basic salary and other allowances enjoyed by an officer of the service at the time of retirement

(5) The Inspector-General, Deputy Inspector-General of Police or any officer not below the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police, shall on retirement, enjoy the benefits of the service as approved by the Council.

(6) The retirement benefits of an officer against whom criminal or disciplinary proceedings are pending shall be withheld until the proceedings are finally concluded.

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