Management of Unity Church International located at Sports Hotel and Recreational Centre in Kumasi of the Ashanti region will start a three day fasting by Monday 16th March,2020 and end on Wednesday 18th March,2020  to fight the fast spreading of the dreaded Coronavirus disease in Ghana.

Headed by Prof.Dr.Kwame Kyei,CEO of Unity group of companies,the church will start to fast and pray to God for protection against the disease.

Speaking to the founder of the Church,Prof.Dr.Kwame Kyei made it known that the fast spreading of the coronavirus disease could only be averted by fasting and prayers hence the church’s decision to fast and pray for the betterment of the Nation.

According to him,the fasting would be ended with  a powerful prayer at Unity Church International on Wednesday at exactly 8am and ends at 12pm with the support of powerful men of God across the globe.

The greatest fear of all Ghanaians in most recent times, has been that the fast spreading virus will be imported into the country, especially with the flexibility of the country’s travel processes and the fact that its neighbouring countries have recorded confirmed cases of same. This is why Management of the church has planned to embark on such an event to curb the disease.

It is on records that ,just few days ago in a national broadcast, President Akufo-Addo assured Ghanaians that the most is being done by leadership and health officials to ensure Ghana is safe. Even in the face of the virus they promised, an amount of 100 US dollars, among other things has been allocated for emergency measures.


Just a day after this, the health ministry confirmed two cases of the disease which was imported by a Turkish and Norway citizen. Though assured they are being quarantined and currently stable, amidst assurances that govt is working assidously to deal with the situation, some Ghanaians have already taken to twitter to express their fears. 

While some are pessimistic about its spread considering contact in our daily routines, others are shocked about the rather ‘suspicious’ turn of events; that cases were confirmed almost after the president spoke. 

Unity Church International is fighting hard through fasting and prayers to ensure that the disease vanishes from the country .

Source: Broadcastergh.com/Ayisah Foster

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